Genealogy is more than just names, dates and places...

 However, this is generally where you start in determining your family history. Later you will add the historical, social, political, economic, religious, migrational and other aspects that will help explain:

  • where your family originally came from - surname distributions can be a vital clue as to ancestral origins and to where records may exist.

  • why and if they moved elsewhere

  • what were the motivations for migration, changes in occupation and so on

  • how the family changed over time

  • when were the major events that affected them

Only experienced researchers can take you beyond the basic Birth/Baptism, Marriage, Death/Burial and Census records to help you paint a more complete picture of you and your ancestors.

But even the most basic records can be misleading - mis-transcriptions, false entries, honest mistakes and downright untruths can mislead the unwary. Experienced researchers know the pitfalls and solutions.

 Download Ten Top Tips for Genealogy (PDF)

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Please note: we do not restrict ourselves to Scottish research, but can carry out investigations in any country in the world and in any archive.