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Lecture in Dunfermline

Written by Andrew Dewar Durie    Tuesday, 31 May 2011 09:21

Bruce Durie, Andrew Durie and Bruce Durie

Dr Bruce Durie, the Family Genealogist gave a lecture on "Heraldry and Dunfermline" to the Historical Society of Dunfermline on 24th May '11. The venue was the Abbot's House beside the Abbey in Dunfermline. Both buildings are steeped in Durie history. The Family window is in the wonderful old nave of the Abbey. The Abbot's House is now an excellent small museum with several references to the Family.

Supporting Bruce at his lecture was the Chief Andrew Durie, and Bruce Durie who has been responsible for designing and crafting the new Durie web site. Bruce Durieis at present our Webmaster.



The Chief renews his Whisky Friendships

Written by Andrew Dewar Durie   

Tuesday, 26 April 2011 08:04

Andrew & Marguerite arriving at Blair CastleThe Chief, Andrew Durie, renewed his contacts with the Scotch Whisky Industry, which he left in 1999, when he and his wife Marguerite attended the Spring banquet of The Keepers of the Quaich at Blair Castle in April. The Society was formed to recognise and honour those who have made major contributions to the continuing success and growth of Scotch Whisky across the world. The Keepers meet twice a year at the beautiful setting of Blair Castle in the Highlands, to induct new members, and to sit down 200 strong for a formal banquet.

The Society takes it's name from the quaich, "Cuach" being the Gaelic for cup, a classic round Scottish drinking vessel with two handles, usually made of silver, pewter or wood. It's ancestor was a scallop shell! The Keepers now have over 2000 members drawn from 80 countries.





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If you have a story or a history for us, please send as a Word Document or Plain Text by email, accessible from our Contact page. Photographs should be in Jpeg format (.jpg).

All information will be reviewed and may be used on the website and shared with the family genealogist.

We hope you will also help us build up our extended Family Tree - http://www.brucedurie.co.uk/TNG/

There is an historical information section on Overseas Duries included in '750 Years of Duries' by Dr Bruce Durie. Click Here


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