R. Nugent Dewar-Durie

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Robert Nugent Dewar-Durie MC OBE 1837-1959

Robert Nugent Dewar-Durie was the son of Eliza Durie, 12th of Craigluscar (1837-1917) and Andrew Dewar, M.D., J.P. (1830-1895)

Eliza Durie was born 24 June1837 in Dunfermline, married Dr. (William) Andrew Dewar in 1859, and died in Edinburgh aged 80, on 27 September 1917.

W. Andrew Dewar, M.D., J.P. (son of Andrew Dewar, Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons and Isabella Husband) was born 26 September 1830, graduated from Edinburgh University 1852, died 30 October 1895.  Andrew and Eliza Dewar lived and had his surgery at Abbot House (by Dunfermline Abbey) before moving to Viewfield House, Walmer (House) and later to Craigluscar.

In 1868 they became ‘Dewar-Durie’ following the death (aged 29) of Eliza's brother Robert Durie, 11th of Craiglusar, last in a direct male line from Abbot George. Of Andrew and Eliza’s eight children, only the youngest had children. (1) Constance Dewar-Durie married Frederick Lewis Maitland and had one son, Dr. David Randolph Maitland.  (2) Robert Nugent Dewar-Durie born 26.12.1879  in Dunfermline, died in London on his 80th Birthday, 26 December 1959.

Aged 16 or 17, Nugent went to London to work for the Imperial Bank of Persia. In 1899 he enlisted in the 11th Battalion, 35th (Middlesex) Company of Imperial Yeomanry to go to the Boer War, receiving the Queen’s Medal with four clasps for service in South Africa 11 October 1899 - 31 May 1901. “Candidates (for the Imperial Yeomanry) to be from 20 to 35 years of age, and of good character. Volunteers or civilian candidates must satisfy the Colonel of the regiment through which they enlist that they are good riders and marksmen, according to the Yeomanry standard.”

After the war Nugent rejoined the Imperial Bank of Persia, leaving for Persia on 28 September 1901. On 14 November 1904 at the Teheran Legation, he married Ida Caroline Pollexfen Varley, born 5 January 1879, died 27 April 1972. (Ida‘s parents were artists, John and Isabella (Pollexfen) Varley.) A son, Raymond Varley Dewar-Durie was born in Isfahan 1905 and 1911 a daughter, Rosamond Aeliz, in Ahwaz.

Nugent had established several branches of the IBP in Persia by 1914, when he was seconded to become Financial Advisor to the *Caucasus Military Mission during the First World War. He served in Persia and Russia, and January 1919, was imprisoned by the Bolsheviks for 100 days in the Butyrka Criminal Gaol (Butyrskaya tyurma), Moscow, until freed in an exchange of prisoners on a bridge at Baliostoff (near Petrograd) on 28 May 1919.

He was awarded the Stanislas Medal (2nd class) in 1916; the Order of St. Anne of Russia (2nd class) in 1917. In 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross (M.C.) and invested as an Officer, Order of the Most Excellent Order of theEmpire (O.B.E.) for services to Political and Military Intelligence.

In 1919 he returned to Persia as Chief Inspector for the Imperial Bank of Persia, until premature retirement in 1928.

He served in London throughout the 2nd World War, as Infantry Platoon Commander in the Home Guard and later as Troop Commander, Anti-Aircraft Battery.

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