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Books by Duries

Most of the books written by Duries can be found by searching for Durie, Dury etc. in WorldCat, a union catalogue that itemises the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries and territories.

Also search in The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books downloadable as free PDFs and in other format. It also has movies, software, music, websites and more.

To buy used and new books, these are some of the best-known sites:
* AbeBooks - and
* Allibris - and
* Amazon Books - and
* eBay - and

Some selections

Alistair Durie, Weird Tales , an essential pictorial guide to the great SF magazine. (Jupiter Press 1979) ISBN:

Alistair John Lindsay Durie, Index to the British Editions of the Magazine "Fantasy and Science Fiction" (Wisbech, 1966)  ISBN: 9780950391700


Nga Tai Matatu, Tides of Maori Endurance, Mason Durie, paperbackMason Durie, Nga Tai Matatu, Tides of Maori Endurance (Oxford University Press)
ISBN: 9780195584684



Scottish Genealogy by Durie, Bruce

Bruce Durie, Scottish Genealogy, 4th Edition (The History Press, 2018)
 ISBN: 9780750984225

All books by Bruce Durie available here


Alistair J Durie, Scottish Linen Industry in the Eighteenth Century (John Donald, 1978)
ISBN: 978-0859760317

Alistair J Durie, Material Relating to America from the Ogilvie-Forbes of Boyndlie Papers in the University of Aberdeen Library (A.U.L.Ms.2740)


John Durie, Refutatio Responsionis Whitakeri ad X Rationes Campioni (An ansvvere to the Ten reasons of Edmund Campian the Iesuit in confidence wherof he offered disputation to the ministers of the Church of England, in the controuersie of faith) 1606 (see Two Jesuits)

Robert Durie Osborn, Islam under the Arabs (London, Longmans 1876) - download at

Robert Durie Osborn, Islam under the Khalifs of Baghdad (London, Longmans 1878)  - download at




Share your story

If you have a story or a history for us, please send as a Word Document or Plain Text by email, accessible from our Contact page. Photographs should be in Jpeg format (.jpg).

All information will be reviewed and may be used on the website and shared with the family genealogist.

We hope you will also help us build up our extended Family Tree -

There is an historical information section on Overseas Duries included in '750 Years of Duries' by Dr Bruce Durie. Click Here


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