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by Christian Dewar Durie, Secretary of the Durie Family

Marguerite and Andrew in Durie tartanThe origins of the Durie family tartan are not steeped in the mists of time. It is not an ancient tartan, but very few are. As a Lowland Fife family the Duries would not, historically, have had a tartan but our family were all brought up wearing a variety of tartans that we believed we were entitled to wear, however tenuously: Fraser, Macnab and Ramsay, especially.

When my father, Raymond Dewar Durie was encouraged by the Lord Lyon to matriculate his arms and be recognised as head of the family he asked which tartan the family was really entitled to wear. The answer came: it would be best to create our own! I had studied fashion design and become very involved in textiles, so I was "volunteered" to oversee the creation. We had some family discussions and with the expert guidance of the late Harry Lindley, Master Tailor of Kinloch Anderson, the design plans were set in motion.

Both my father and brother Andrew, the current Chief, had served in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders and its regimental tartan, very similar to the most popular tartan in the world – Black Watch – was liked by and familiar to us all so it seemed a good starting point. Harry talked to me about the natural vegetable dyes that one would have found in Fife and the dark beetroot red was added, this could also be thought of as burgundy as a reference to possible ancient French links. The yellow stripe also reflected back to the A&SH dress uniform - representing the doublet’s yellow facings.

After dyeing trials for the colours, and also weaving trials, the Durie tartan was born; the set is registered with The Scottish Tartans Society – TS Number: TS 2228, as the official tartan of Durie of Durie. Exact details of the Durie tartan colours are available on request from: webmaster@brucedurie.co.uk
See also https://www.tartanregister.gov.uk/tartanDetails?ref=1053 The colours for the tartan showing on your particular browser/computer monitor may not be accurately represented. The Pantone Textile colour references are: Blue: 19-4028 TPX; Red: 19-1725 TPX; Green: 19-5320 TPX; Gold: 17-0840 TPX.

There are two sets, a large one in a heavy weight for kilts and a smaller one in a lighter weight for jackets, trews and skirts. And then there was silk for sashes and skirts and cummerbunds which is in slightly softer hues. These bolts of tartan have now been used and we how have a supplier so that that they are available for purchase (see Durie Merchandise

Please Note: The Durie tartan is "restricted", in the sense that it cannot be woven or reproduced without permission. However, anyone is welcome to wear it.


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There is an historical information section on Overseas Duries included in '750 Years of Duries' by Dr Bruce Durie. Click Here


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