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Scottish Genealogy, Heraldry, DNA, History, Palaeography and all related subjects

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Consultant Genealogist and Heraldist, Author, Broadcaster, Lecturer

Shennachie to the Chief of Durie

Academician, Académie Internationale de Généalogie

Fulbright Senior Scottish Studies Scholar, 2015-16

Right of Audience at the Court of the Lord Lyon

Freeman and Burgess of the City of Glasgow


Dr Bruce Durie lives and works in Scotland.

He has an international reputation and decades of experience in helping individuals with their own genealogies, family stories, Coats of Arms, old documents, DNA and more.

He has published hundreds of books and articles, made a large number of TV and radio broadcasts, given talks, lectures and webinars worldwide and led high-level education in these subjects.

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Beyond the usual 
BMD & Census


Could you have a legal 
Coat of Arms in Scotland?

DNA and 
Genetic Genealogy

What is the best DNA test, 
and what can it tell you?

Scottish Places

Histories and Tours of 
your ancestral heartlands


What does this document
 say, and what does it mean?

Lecturing and speaking

All aspects of Genealogy, Heraldry, 
Scottish History and Culture



Author of over 35 works


Latest book!

An Ordinary of Arms vol III
(Arms granted in Scotland 1971-2017)


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